1Password Business Setup

1Password Business Setup

Set up a 1Password Business Account

Create 1Password Business Account

Head to (opens in a new tab) and select Business Account

Fill out your information with your company email

Follow the verification process

Verify your email address.

Generate a secret key and tore this in a safe place as it's the only way to access your account each time you want to log in from an unrecognized device.

Invite your team

You can invite your team members now, or wait until the end of the guide.

Create 1Password Security Policies

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to the Security screen:

  2. From there, you'll see a bunch of options from 1Password Advanced Protection:

  3. Start by enforcing password length with the Account Password Policy:

We recommend that you use the Strong Requirements policy:

Enforce 2FA for Team Accounts

  1. Select the "Two-Factor Authentication" card:

  2. From here, you just have to turn on the option that says "Enforce two-factor authentication", and then click on save.

Create an Item Sharing Policy

  1. Select Item Sharing

  2. From here, there are a number of options, like allowing only access from specified domains or specifying the maximum expiration time for a link:

For additional security, we recommend you to setup specific approved domains, so you know who can access the links that your team shares.

This can be done by selecting the "People with an email address at an approved domain":

And then you can setup your approved domains by clicking on "Manage approved domains" and filling out the domains you want to allow:

Invite your Team

We highly recommend to read through the onboarding your team guide (opens in a new tab) provided by 1password, but we'll guide you through the basic steps to invite your team either way.

First, go to your invitations page by clicking "Invitations" on your right navbar:

First, click on "Invite By email"

Now it's as simple as filling out which emails you want to invite to your team and click on Invite!

Once your teams have registered with their emails, their accounts need to be confirmed by an owner or an administrator of the 1password team. This can be done from the same invitations screen, and is as simple as clicking on the confirm button next to the users email!

After you clicked on confirm, you're done! Your team members will be able to explode the full security advantages that 1password provides!

Generating Reports

Once your team is onboarded and everyone has started using 1password, you'll want to generate security reports. We recommend you do this at least once a month. To do so, you can following this guide:

Create reports in 1Password Business (opens in a new tab)